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Was It Wrong for a Moviegoer to Live Tweet Greta Gerwig’s I Feel Pretty Reaction?

Celebs don't just exist for our LOLs.

Despite stirring some early-onset outrage, since its release, Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty has mostly been met with positive reviews. Oprah adored the movie, saying she walked out of the theatre “feeling the definition of empowered.” Jessica Chastain endorsed the film with an Instagram post, encouraging her followers to check it out. Even Bill Maher publicly praised it! (Or rather, he slams on the “idiots” who hated on it. Same thing, right?)

But not every industry celeb is a fan of the self-love rom-com. How do we know this? Because when Greta Gerwig attended an afternoon screening of I Feel Pretty on Wednesday, a fellow moviegoer took it upon herself to live-tweet the Lady Bird director’s reaction—and it wasn’t all laughs. In a now viral thread, Twitter user Jaye Hunt narrates the experience of sitting behind the Oscar-nominated filmmaker and her friends in a New York theatre. It all starts with an extra-large fountain pop, and the oh-so-entertaining commentary only picks up from there. Here are a few of the highlights:

Is it an epic thread? Yes. Are there people upset over it? Of course. No one really cares that Gerwig hates the film—but A LOT of people seem to care that she, a filmmaker, loudly bashed another film in a public space.

No one likes a Tommy Talker! And apparently, no one likes the person who exposes the Tommy Talker on Twitter either. Because even when a public person shouts her opinions in a public place, the Internet gets upset that these opinions are publicly shared. The big debate here isn’t Gerwig’s behaviour; it’s the amount of privacy famous people deserve.

So who’s in the wrong? Is it Gerwig, the acclaimed filmmaker who allegedly disrupted and disrespected the moviegoing experience? Is it Hunt, the live-tweeter, who came across a celeb in the wild and shared the shocking encounter with her followers? Speaking loudly in a movie isn’t cool—but neither is typing on your phone throughout the entire thing.

Busy Philipps, I Feel Pretty star, weighed in on the case in her Instagram story Thursday.

“Guys did you see this woman that like live-tweeted Greta watching I Feel Pretty?” Philipps asks the Internet. “I mean she’s pretty f–king mean about the movie, but that’s not my issue necessarily…I mean that does suck especially because Greta’s our friend.”

The thing that “struck” her the most is that we might be at this point where “we’re just like everybody exists for my own personal LOLs.”

“It just bummed me out on such a deeply personal level for a few reasons,” she spoke into her phone to her social media following. “It’s just the idea that if you are in the public eye in whatever capacity that you just sort of are giving up your autonomy and your privacy, anywhere, that you can’t go to a movie theatre.”

Philips ended by calling the entire situation “complicated”—which it definitely is. On one hand, this Tweeter probably didn’t think that the star spotting messages she sent out to her 2,000 followers would attract mass media attention. She fan girled over a celeb she admires, and she got carried away sharing the experience with her social circle. (Who among us wouldn’t humble brag online about this bizarre encounter?! Heck, I post an Instagram story every time I come within meters of a C-List celeb.)

And on the other hand, how do we even know this story is real? In our click-bait culture, perhaps we’re too quick to take these unverified interpretations of Gerwig’s reaction to I Feel Pretty as truth—simply because they make for a great story. Maybe Gerwig loved the movie, or maybe she hasn’t even seen it yet.