Ellen DeGeneres
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Here’s All the Culture News You Missed This Week

From the Ellen DeGeneres-George W Bush controversy to Drew Barrymore's new talk show.

Hollywood waded into the Ellen DeGeneres-George W Bush situation
After Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush were photographed sitting next to each other at a Dallas Cowboys game along with their respective spouses, the internet quickly went into overdrive, criticizing the liberal television host for fraternizing with a President whose track record includes launching the Iraq War, fighting against the legalization of same-sex marriage, and standing up for Brett Kavanaugh. She responded to the backlash with a video extolling the virtues of kindness, which of course ignited a frenzy of its own. Several Hollywood A-listers have waded into the controversy, with Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Bell chiming in with support (though Witherspoon later deleted her tweet), and others like Mark Ruffalo voicing their dissatisfaction.

Instagram announced removal of its ‘Following’ tab
This summer, Instagram announced it would be doing away with showing the number of likes a post gets on its platform, and earlier this week it confirmed it would be getting rid of the Following tab, which shows users the most recent activity of people they follow. Instagram’s head of product, Vishal Shah, told BuzzFeed News that people didn’t use the tab frequently but according to Business Insider, “people on Twitter and Reddit have mourned the tab’s disappearance and questioned what they’re supposed to do without their favourite tool for quietly snooping on the antics of their friends, crushes, partners, celebrities, and everyone else they follow on Instagram.”

Drew Barrymore is getting her own talk show
Drew Barrymore’s Netflix show, Santa Clarita Diet, was cancelled earlier this year but the actress is already plotting her return to the small screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the actress will headline and executive produce a syndicated talk show for CBS Television Distribution, set to launch in fall 2020.” Barrymore filmed a pilot for the potential show in August and has now been given the green light, making her one of very few women currently hosting their own shows on television. “It is beyond my wildest dreams to have this opportunity for a daily talk show,” Barrymore said in a statement. “I’m truly thrilled and honoured to be creating this show with CBS.”

Justin Trudeau spoke to young children about brownface
Jessi Cruickshank kicked off Season 2 of her Facebook Watch show New Mom, Who Dis? with none other than Justin Trudeau. The 15-minute interview touched on everything from his viral air kiss with Melania Trump to the repeated brownface incidents from his past that recently surfaced in the news. Cruickshank then brought in a group of children who had their own questions for the Prime Minister, including a pair of six-year-old twin sisters who asked: “Why did you paint your face brown?” Trudeau looked taken aback, and then answered: “It was something I shouldn’t have done, because it hurt people. It’s not something that you should do, and that is something that I learnt. I didn’t know back then but I know it now. And I’m sorry I hurt people.” As any good journalist would do, the twins then asked a follow-up question. You can watch the full interaction on Cruickshank’s show here.