Photography by James Shaw/REX/Shutterstock

The Most Creative Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2018

Tis the season for chocolate bar binging, scary movie marathons and OTT celebrity costumes. Every October, your favourite famous people spend copious amounts of time (and money) transforming into other famous people. They spend six hours in hair and makeup, pose on on the Casamigos Halloween party red carpet, share the images all over social media … and put your eyeliner whiskers and Dollarama cat ears to shame.

If you scrolled through your feed this morning, chances are you’ll already recognize this year’s Halloween makeover trends: there’s wigs, teeny bikinis and a whole lot of pop culture references your mom probably won’t understand. From Harry Styles as Elton John to Nicky Hilton as Paris Hilton, here’s our comprehensive roundup of the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2018. We’ll be adding more as the week goes on, so keep checking back for updates.