Photography by David Becker/Getty

Which Emojis Are Canadians Tweeting With the Most?

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Happy World Emoji Day! To celebrate, Twitter released info about what emojis are most popular among Canadians—and the results are surprising to say the least.

Considering over 250 million emojis are sent out every month on Twitter—totalling to approximately 3.2 billion emojis being used per year—it’s interesting to see which ones made the cut, both in Canada and worldwide.

Photograph courtesy of Twitter Canada

Between the top 10 most used food, animal and sport emojis, Canadians apparently love to laugh until they cry, eat pizza, monkey around and shoot hoops, with further research revealing even more interesting tidbits. The dog emoji was used 11% more than the cat emoji while the pizza emoji was used more than the beer and wine emojis combined. Additionally, the basketball emoji was used 8% more than the hockey stick emoji, which is shocking considering hockey is our highly publicized national sport.

Photograph courtesy of Twitter Canada

As for how Canada’s emoji usage compares to the rest of the world, a side by side analysis showcases that while there are some differences, for the most part we’re pretty much in sync with our global counterparts. Who knew? 🤷