Boobyball 2015: 25 photos of spaced-out party-goers at the annual fundraising event

Toronto’s young and stylish gala set took off to another galaxy on Friday night for Boobyball, the annual fundraiser for Rethink Breast Cancer. This year, the sold-out event was held on Planet Booby (aka Sound Academy), a magical place bathed in pink light, where Trekkies flirted with NASA astronauts beneath floating UFOs and planets.

Like last year’s circus-inspired evening, everyone loved the spaced-out theme of the night, taking the opportunity to explore what their look would be if they were actually from Mars. It’s not such a far-fetched idea, given scientists’ recent discovery of flowing water on our neighbouring planet (yes, David Bowie, there is life on Mars).

Metallics were de riguere as the “sci fi goes glam” dress code of the event had everyone busting out their best sequin-covered dresses. Sometimes though, the easiest way to convey an intergalactic sense of style is through makeup. Silver lipstick, gold flash tattoos and pastel wigs showcased the spacey attendees’ unique take on what it means to be from another planet while a Ten Spot nail bar added the final out-of-this-world touch to guests’ tips.

Towards the end of the evening, rumours swirled that Taylor Swift would make an appearance after her show at the Rogers Centre. Alas, Tay must have missed the last blastoff to Planet Booby, but you still have a chance to visit. Upcoming Boobyballs will be taking place in Calgary (October 23), Winnipeg (November 7) and, for the first time ever, Ottawa (November 13). Since the inaugural Boobyball was held 14 years ago, the event has raised more than 3.4 million dollars for Rethink Breast Cancer.