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Who Should Host the 2019 Oscars? Our Editors Weigh In

ICYMI, on Wednesday Kevin Hart was announced as the host of the 2019 Academy Awards and by Thursday night he’d stepped down, after refusing to apologize for homophobic comments he’d made in the past. While we’re waiting for the Academy to make their decision on who will replace him as the next host, we thought we’d toss a few names out there.

“Given what went down with Kevin Hart, it seems suiting that the Academy do some damage control by bringing on a queer host. SNL superstar Kate McKinnon, who proved her awards show chops in the opening number of this year’s Emmys, would be a solid choice. There’s also Graham Norton, the celeb-favourite talk show host who’s often tapped to host events in his native Britain. Most of the high profile celebs in the room will have spent time on his late night couch, and I’m sure he’d find some interesting stories to tell. Or, if all else fails, they can just put Ellen back up on stage. In times like these, maybe we all need something warm, fuzzy and familiar.” — Meghan McKenna, Associate Editor

“It absolutely needs to be someone gay now, so either Billy Eichner or Hannah Gadsby. Just please, NOT A STRAIGHT WHITE DUDE.” — Lesa Hannah, Beauty Director

“My brain went directly to two VERY un-diverse hosts. But, what the heck: Tap John Mulaney and Nick Kroll to do it. They killed it at the Independent Spirit Awards. BUT WAIT! I changed my mind. This is who needs to host and I will now be super upset if she doesn’t:

Maya Rudolph.

GET IT DONE ACADEMY!” — Greg Hudson, Features Editor

“I have no interest in listening to another straight white dude prattle on about #MeToo, the inequities of Hollywood, and the need for diversity, because they’re pretty much the last people whose thoughts we need on this topic right now. It feels like pretty much every late night talk show host currently on air has hosted one awards show or another—Seth Myers, Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel. It is now Samantha Bee’s turn, dammit.” — Pahull Bains, Associate Editor