This Makeup Destroying YouTube Series is Weirdly Mesmerizing

Is there anything more dreadful and gasp-inducing than watching your favourite blush/highlighter/foundation fall off the bathroom counter and onto the floor, shattering into what seems like a million pieces? For a moment, time slows down as you witness your beloved product plummet to its inevitable death, as you stand there unable to intervene, feeling helpless.

It turns out that the feeling of dread is only applicable when it’s happening to you. Watching the process from a safe distance (aka from behind a computer screen) is a totally different experience. In fact, it’s quite mesmerizing.

YouTube channel Beauty News is putting that to the test with their series, The Makeup Breakup. Every week, Australian vloggers Hailey and Kat intentionally and with absolute purpose, completely obliterate buzzy beauty products, like Chanel blushes and Kylie Cosmetics palettes.

It sounds like it would hurt your soul to watch, but it’s doesn’t. In fact, they’re doing it to demonstrate the product to packaging ratio. We’ve rounded up our favourite Makeup Breakup videos below, for your viewing pleasure.