Follow Tal Peleg on Instagram for makeup that’s right out of a fairy tale—literally

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You don’t expect to find fairy tales drawn beneath someone’s eyebrows, but that is just what Tal Peleg’s specialty is.

Although it’s not odd for people to post photos of their craft on social media, Peleg’s is like nothing you’ve seen before. The Israeli visual artist designs full scenes around the space of an eye, often from famous stories. Fairy tales are clearly a favourite—in one, the eye is the pea from “The Princess and the Pea” with mattresses and a tired princess pictured on top, while Rapunzel lets down her hair below a dark night sky made out of a purple eyebrow in another.

Peleg says that being able to do makeup art is her “little piece of heaven.” By creating her unique makeup looks, she is able to combine her skills in photography, makeup and design. Although the makeup she posts on Instagram is as complicated as it gets, she says that her own makeup for the daytime is kept very minimal. Her designs go along with her own interests—due to an obsession with clock gears, she once did a full face of steampunk inspired eye-art full of small metal gears and watch parts.

She also took on an anti-bullying campaign on her Instagram, designing makeup that sent a message to her followers. One photo in this series depicts a silhouette in the middle of what resembles a shark’s mouth—using metallic stickers as the teeth and a dark tear rolling down from the eye.

Whether to teach a lesson or tell a story, Tal Peleg always has an interesting way to do it—through the art of makeup.