Runway to Real Life: 5 easy steps to get Louis Vuitton’s lash-tastic Spring 2012 look at home!

Left: Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 photography by Peter Stigter. Right: Photography and makeup by Dallas Curow. Model: Robin/Folio Montreal.

Rumour has it that when makeup artist Pat McGrath set out to create her “living doll” look for Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2012 show, she and her team pulled an all-nighter (at the Ritz, of course!) to glue together 10 sets of false lashes for each model. When the show opened with models perched on a revolving carousel in candy-coloured frocks, their flawless makeup and dense, fluttery lashes momentarily created the illusion that mannequins were instead the stars.

Despite its high maintenance appearance, it’s really simple to recreate this Barbie-esque beauty look. And forget 10 sets of falsies—you can pull it off with just five products in the bat of an eyelash!

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