Today in WTF beauty news: Robert Pattinson’s crazy haircut

Robert Pattinson Hair

Robert Pattinson Hair
Photography by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

See the cut from all angles

Robert Pattinson, beholder of the diamond face and boyfriend to badass chicks everywhere, has just gone somewhere no extraordinarily handsome man should go: bowl cut territory. And by bowl cut, what I really mean is a bowl cut/undercut/mohawk/backwards soul-patch/WTF.

At last night’s Go Go Gala in Los Angeles, the 28-year-old actor debuted his new look and it’s almost as terrible as when Brad Pitt did this. Nick Carter on top, Travis Bickle at the back, the style is no doubt part of his new FKA Twigs-approved MO. Pattinson has always been a reluctant heartthrob but this look just takes the IDGAF cake.

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