There’s a New RMS Beauty Luminizer—And You Need It

If you haven’t heard of RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer by now, well where the hell have you been? Released in 2009, the castor seed and coconut-oil based highlighter is “all about a light reflective dew” says its creator, makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. “It’s very, very transparent, with just a hint of luminousity.” Not only is it the secret to the glowy skin of J.Crew models, but it gets name checked on the reg by everyone from makeup artist Gucci Westman to manicurist Madeline Poole and countless models (Gisele, Anja Rubik).

Swift has now upped the ante with Magic Luminizer. “I wanted something that would have more impact,” she says. “Something you could see from the moon.” With less shine than its predecessor, Swift’s latest creation is more pearlescent, making it “really beautiful in the evening,” she says. Mix it into other products or apply it alone on the tops of cheekbones, on the centre of eyelids, along the inner corner of eyes or down the centre of the nose to enhance light reflection. “Anything that catches light is going to attract our eye,” says Swift.