People Are Not Happy About Kim Kardashian’s “Bobby Pin Hairstyle”

Another day, another Kardashian controversy. Two days ago, Kim K was photographed in an…interesting look. The reality star was out in something hairstylist Chris Appleton referred to as a “bobby pin ‘do.” Pause.

SNATCHED ➖➖➖ BobbY Pin Do @kimkardashian Hair by me #chrisappletonhair Makeup @1maryphillips

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As you can imagine, the internet was not happy about it. Appleton wrapped Kardashian’s hair in a bun and secured the front down with lots of evenly spaced out bobby pins. As in, a doobie wrap (which, in case you don’t know, is a protective hairstyle that originated in the Caribbean as a method of preserving straight hairstyles).


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The Kardashians are no strangers to cultural appropriation accusations, from Khloe’s Bantu knots to Kylie’s cornrows (sigh), so it seems truly wild that they haven’t gotten the memo yet about giving credit where credit’s due. The issue with Kim’s look is that she’s being credited with starting a “trend” that is a) not a trend and b) not a Kim K original. At all.