Eyeball nail

These Bloody Halloween Eyeball Nails are Creepy AF

Alright, so maybe Halloween costumes aren’t for everyone, but even if you’re not into dressing up, you can still take part in the festivities via your beauty game — namely, your nails.

For nail art enthusiasts, October is prime time to create some ghoulish, creepy, OTT nail designs, whether it’s 3D maggots, zombie nails or mummified-tips. And trust us when we say these aren’t your average nail art designs — they are for skilled nail artists and aren’t exactly easy to DIY. They are, however, fascinating to watch come to life, which is why we enlisted Ka Yee Or, a nail artist based at Ritual in Toronto (and also one of the top nail artists in the city) to show us how she creates 3D bloody eyeball nails.

To start, Ka Yee starts off with a nude gel polish as the base on press-on nails (we love KISS imPRESS Press-On Nails for this). Then, on a tiny bead, she free-handedly paints an eyeball using white, black, blue and red gel polish. Once the “eyeballs” are painted and cured, she applies top coat to the nail for the eye to stick to. Top coat is applied over top of the eye as well, to ensure it stays in place. Once cured, she uses white sculpting gel to build the almond shape of the eye around the bead, then paints overtop with another nude polish. After curing, she adds more red polish onto the eyeball and the rest of the nail for the bloody effect.

The result? Nails that are scary (but cool) AF.

Check out the entire process below!