The Best Hair Products for Rain, Snow, and a Basically Never-Ending Winter


While there’s something to be said about frolicking in the snow on a winter’s day, those post-chill rosy cheeks are not all they’re cracked up to be.

And yet, warmer weather induces a whole new level of frizz-inducing anxiety. There’s nothing quite as stressful as spotting dark clouds making their way in, and knowing that you’re about to deal with hours of unpleasant rain, a broken umbrella and unmanageable frizz as a result.

So when it comes to the cardinal rules of purchasing products, you want to ensure that you’re investing in formulations that are designed to protect from precipitation. Be sure to look for products that are specifically created to deal with dry and damaged strands, as the weight in their formulations will provide for more hold. Staying power requires added weight, so look for heavier formulas, such as conditioners and leave-in’s that will arm you with that added control.

Also, invest in products that act as a humidity shield, first and foremost for your styling tools, and then for Mother Nature. And just remember, even though you’re priming and protecting your hair, avoid towel-drying after your showers. While you’re nixing the damage from your blow dryer, you’re just creating an unnecessary amount of static. Try using a cotton T-shirt instead.

These frizz-banishers will give you perfect strands, no matter what batshit crazy weather the world throws your way.