3 Facials You Can Get To Prep For TIFF

And none are for your face

facials for your body
Photography by WaySpa

Facials aren’t just for your face anymore. They’re great for pretty much any body part for the same reasons they are for our complexion: to target dull skin, dry spots, dehydration, and any other annoying problems. Just in time for TIFF, we tested a few out and are reporting back on the best treatments for your limbs, torso and nether region.

Yes, a facial for your vagina. Toronto’s Fuzz Wax Bar launched the service earlier this year to help their customers deal with ingrown hairs and discolouration. “Our girls come in crying about their painful ingrowns,” the facialist (vajacialist?) explained.

Acolytes: Anyone who feels Amy Schumer in this sketch

Details: It’s a five-step procedure includes cleansing, exfoliation with a sugar scrub, and extractions that aren’t painful thanks to a high-frequency wand that loosens the follicle so it comes out more easily that a traditional pinching technique. No waxing this round—you need about a week in between appointments to make sure the area isn’t irritated.

Risk of aesthetician shaming: Low. Mildly insulting you (the facial equivalent of your dentist asking about your flossing habits) when your pants are off and your vag is on the main stage is out of the question.

Highlight: One of the final steps is applying a mask, and then leaving it on for a new minutes, which is lol.

Chest and back
Much like Starbucks’ secret menu, Gee Beauty doesn’t list this service, but regular clients request it, and can apply it to other areas of the body as well. The gist: the treatment involves elements of Gee’s Medi Multi Supreme facial to target dark spots, brighten dull areas and hydrate parched skin.

Acolytes: Brides or anyone with a surplus of strapless tops.

Details: Things kick off with a double cleanse, followed by microdermabrasion, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to target dark spots, an Intraceuticals oxygen treatment to brighten skin, and a hydrating mask.

Risk of aesthetician shaming: High. Depending on your exfoliating habits, you may be on the table awhile because the microdermabrasion portion takes longer if you haven’t sloughed off your dry skin lately.

Highlight: The moment when the aesthetician tells you that the IPL won’t hurt. Unlike the feeling of elastic snapping which happens with other devices, this one cools the skin simultaneously so you don’t feel a thing.

Post-sandal season, feet need a major overhaul, and a regular pedicure won’t cut it. You need a foot facial. So march over to the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie to get one, and you will no longer need to hide your feet.

Acolytes: Wine snobs (the brand’s skincare is infused with resveratrol)

Details: Way more intense than a standard pedi, your feet and legs get a full-service facial that includes regular pedicure stuff  like polish removal and cuticle work, and not-so-regular pedicure stuff like exfoliation with grapes (a Caudalie signature), and a 10-minute mask.

Risk of aesthetician shaming: Low. We had bike grease on our legs, which our aesthetician didn’t seem phased by, and actually washed off using grapes.

Highlight: Being served treats like baklava and tea, while our legs were wrapped in a warm blanket.