This Beauty Vlogger Got an Instant Facelift From a Collagen Facial Spray

While facelifts have come a long way and can now be done via non-surgical and non-invasive procedures, they still requires a trip to the doc’s and can get quite pricey. But what if you could get an instant facelift in the comfort of your own home for under $10? Seems too good to be true, right?

Wrong. Malaysian beauty vlogger Yatie Sendayu Tinggi is currently making waves in the Instagram beauty world with a viral video in which she gives herself a face lift using a collagen facial spray from her beauty line, ST Body & Skincare.

In the video’s description, Yatie explains she wants to make her double chin disappear to give the appearance of a more V-shaped face. To show the effects of the spray, she draws a line down the middle of her face and covers one half with tissue paper to avoid getting any product on it.

After misting herself with the spray, she then proceeds to massage the product into her face in an upward motion. Yatie follows up with a shaping gel (also from her line) that “breaks down fat and excess water” with is cooling properties, massaging it in an upward motion on her cheekbones.

The results? A slight yet noticeable lift in the vlogger’s face (granted, in our opinion, she really didn’t need it).

collagen face spray
Photography via Instagram/yatie_sendayutinggi

According to ST’s website, the collagen facial spray is “enriched with collagen and moisturizer for a more softer(sic) and smooth skin.” It can be applied directly onto the face, or with a brush or makeup sponge, and is meant to be used before makeup.

collagen facial spray

As for the “cold effect” shaping gel, it’s meant to help reduce cellulite and reshape the body by reducing fat tissues and stretch marks, all while firming the skin.

shaping gel


So far, Yatie’s video has amassed over 420,000 views. It’s also been reposted by beauty blogger extraordinaire Huda Kattan, whose post has over 1.2 million views.

So is a $10 temporary face lift worth it? Maybe, though we do wish it had been demonstrated on an older woman to see if the effects really are that drastic.