A Chinese Restaurant in Montreal Hands Out Sheet Masks After a Meal

So smart.

Are the days of fortune cookies and mints after a meal coming to an end? (We hope not.)

In the ultra popular Reddit board, SkincareAddiction, user bugrug posted a photo featuring three sheet masks that a waiter at Chez Maxim Oriental in Montreal brought over at the end of the meal.

“Idk if it’s because I’m Asian or they think I have bad skin (lol) but I gratefully took them and thanked our server,” writes bugrug. Reddit user princessplant chimed in, writing, “they do give these to everyone! i’ve gone before a couple of times and they gave me and my friends 2 each (we’re all different ethnicities, if that makes a difference haha). we’re all ladies, so maybe that affects things? i have no idea but the food is bomb and i love the waiters there!!!”

Well, we guess we know where we’re headed next time we’re in Montreal.