Photography courtesy of Chanel

Please Enjoy These Insanely Adorable Children’s Illustrations of Chanel Beauty Products

With Mother’s Day just over a month away and Father’s Day quickly following suit, Chanel is getting a head start on honouring moms and dads everywhere—making the rest of us, who will likely end up scrambling at the last minute per usual, look extra bad. The French brand looked to their team’s gene-slash-talent pool, commissioning employees’ kids to create a series of drawings of the products they most associate with their parents. In doing so, some of their most iconic products got the kid treatment: Chanel N°5, Chance, Bleu de Chanel, Hydra Lift, Boy de Chanel, Rouge Coco and more, which then turned into a darling full-scale campaign inspired by their sketches. BRB, we’re off to print these for our walls…

Take a moment out of your day to soak up some of the cuteness: