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The Best Celebrity Tattoos: Famous Designs That Will Make You Want to Run to Your Nearest Parlour

When it comes to tattoos, celebrities have a tough time saying no. Cara Delevingne especially. The model/actress has consistently added noteworthy designs to her extensive body art collection. After getting matching tats with her former co-star Margot Robbie, Delevingne debuted a new snake skeleton on the back of her left hand (designed and sketched by BFF Amber Heard) soon after. If there was ever a queen of tattoos in Hollywood, Delevingne would be it.

As for the king of Hollywood tats? That would be Justin Bieber. The Canadian singer has numerous tats, including a full torso design that took 26 hours to complete.

A sense of humour is key to deciding on a design for some celebs (Katy Perry‘s Hello Kitty finger ink is one clear example), though others use ink as tributes to their loved ones (On Carrie Fisher’s birthday, her daughter, Billie Lourd honoured her late mother, by getting a celestial ankle tattoo that was similar to her mom’s).

But for many of the millennial stars, small, dainty designs seem to be the trend as of late. While Hailey Baldwin debuted a mini cross on her neck and the words “coeur d’alene” (a a tribute to her sister Alaia) on her back, Bella Hadid recently showed off her Victoria’s Secret Angel-inspired(?) wings on each foot via celebrity tattoo artist Jon Boy’s Instagram account. Resident bad gal Rihanna has even admitted that getting tattoos is a slight addiction for her, which would explain why she has 21 to date. Our favourite? The tattoo of Egyptian goddess Isis she got in honour of her late grandmother. Rita Ora comes in a close second with 19 tattoos, while Kesha apparently has 15. Many of her tattoos have been done by friends, including the evil eye tattoo on the palm of her right hand. But it’s Miley Cyrus who has the most of the bunch, with 54 (!!!) known tats, the latest pledging her allegiance to veganism, though Paris Jackson comes close with over 50 tats herself, including a matching spoon tattoo with godfather, Macaulay Culkin, and chakra tattoos on her chest.

As for Kylie Jenner? She has a considerable amount of tiny tats, but her most recent one is a tiny butterfly on her right ankle. Interestingly enough, her rumoured boyfriend, Travis Scott, debuted a matching tat on his respective Instagram, but on his left ankle. She also changed her lowercase “t” tattoo (for ex-boyfriend, Tyga) to LA.

See our favourite celebrity tattoos below.