10 celebrities who do their own makeup (and kill it every time)

This past weekend, Kylie Jenner showed the world her full face beat on Snapchat and the internet nearly exploded. The reason? The youngest Kardashian did her own makeup sans glam squad.

Yes, that may not be a huge accomplishment for those of us who get ready on our own each day, but in the celeb world it’s kind of a big deal. Real talk, celebs have it rough. If we’re having a bad skin day who honestly cares? But if a celeb gets caught looking less than perfect, their pic goes right up on TMZ, where it inevitably lives forever.

That’s why we’re seriously impressed by celebs who choose to forgo professional hair and makeup artists in favour of getting ready by themselves. Sure, they’ve gotten tips and learned all of the latest tricks from the pros, but it’s still humbling to see stars acting somewhat normal.

From Kate Middleton to Zendaya, we’ve rounded up our fave celebs who’ve gone solo in the beauty department. Check out our gallery to see which celebs do their own makeup.