cat lipgloss

Wearing This Japanese Lip Gloss Feels Like You’re Kissing a Cat’s Wet Nose

If we know anything about cat lovers, it’s that they really love their cats. Talk to any proud owner and he or she will pretty much fight you to the death on why cats are superior to any other animal (especially dogs).

So it makes sense for fashion and beauty brands to capitalize on this feline obsession, offering cat appreciation products for devoted fans. The latest (and possibly most bizarre) of said products? A lip gloss that mimics the feeling of kissing a cat’s wet nose.

cat lip gloss

Created by Japanese beauty company Felissimo, this Hin-Yari Ohana Lip Gloss uses a cooling rollerball applicator to recreate the “cool, damp feeling a cat’s nose leaves after a ‘kitty kiss’ nose-bump has been bestowed upon you,” according to RocketNews24The gloss is also scented with “sweet and slightly powdery kitty milk” (as in milk for kittens, not from kittens) to amp up the sensation.

The gloss currently comes in three tints (yellow, pink and orange) and is said to be moisturizing thanks to its formula featuring shea butter and hyaluronic acid. It costs roughly $15, with a portion of the sales (roughly 50 cents from each gloss) going to Felissimo’s cat foundation fund. Unfortunately for we Canadians, however, it currently only ships to Japan.

This lippie isn’t the only, uh, creative, cat-lovers’ beauty product offered by Felissimo — they also sell a hand cream that smells like a cat’s paw and a fabric spray with the scent of a cat’s forehead (?!?!?!).

Like we said, a cat owner’s love shows no bounds.