beautyblender condom

Beauty Vloggers are Now Putting Condoms Over their Beauty Blenders


If you thought condoms were meant solely for safe sex, brace yourself. Beauty vloggers have found an off-label use for them.

The latex contraceptive device is now being used to apply their makeup in an attempt to mimic the effects of the SiliSponge — the of-the-moment silicone applicator that the beauty world is going crazy over.

Laila Tahri is being touted as the first person to try the hack, covering her Beauty Blender with a good old Durex condom before using it to apply and blend foundation, concealer and setting powder. The results? Less wasteful product absorption and even application in hard-to-reach areas.

“I came up with this idea because of that i love using a sponge. But it absorbs so much product,” she captioned the post, noting that she washed the condom before using. “With using the condom around it HAHA it doesnt absorb any product and it applies super smooth!”

Another vlogger, Itzayana Lizbeth (a.k.a. Beauty Vixxen), decided to just ditch the Beauty Blender altogether, using a condom filled with lotion to apply her foundation. She said this technique worked better than the SiliSponge itself, calling it “by far the best technique I’ve used as a beauty sponge.”

WTF, indeed.

The Internet, however, isn’t warming up to the idea of using condoms to apply makeup.

But hey, for those guys who thought the Beauty Blender itself was a condom, this whole “trend” shouldn’t be overly surprising.

As for us, we’ll stick to using our Beauty Blenders as is, thank you very much.