The 20 Chicest Bathroom and Vanity Inspo Photos on the Internet

The Kardashian clan’s architect Martyn Lawrence Bullard recently spilled the beans to Yahoo Beauty on what it’s like to design glam rooms for America’s most talked about family (the sisters like big, spacious rooms so it’s easier for them to get ready together, though Kendall actually prefer hers to be the size of a ‘normal person’s bedroom’ – whatever that means). Naturally, it got us thinking about our very own boudoirs (read: bathrooms).

Whether we spend hours or mere minutes in it, a bathroom is a beauty nerd’s sanctuary. It’s where all the magic happens, from putting on and taking off makeup to giving our skin some TLC to relaxing our bodies and minds. So, yes, a bathroom is pretty much the most important room in the house.

While we might not be able to afford an entire glam room, that doesn’t mean our bathroom and vanities should settle for anything less than beautiful. If home renovations are on your mind, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled 20 of the best bathroom design ideas on Pinterest. While this may not be the only inspo you need, it’s certainly a great starting point to help you figure out what kind of theme, colour scheme and design you want. And once you’ve figured that out, we even have the chicest hand soaps and simple makeup organization ideas for you to make your space even more Insta-worthy. You’re welcome.