Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2015 beauty: Blue eyeliner makes its triumphant return

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2015 Beauty Blue Eyeliner
Photography via Maybelline Canada

Ah, blue eyeliner. Are there any two words in the beauty industry more ’80s-flashback-inducing? Backstage at yesterday’s Toronto Fashion Week shows, we spotted two very different—but equally bright—iterations of the trend, and somehow our most-feared look quickly became the most intriguing.

First, at Hayley Elsaesser (left), makeup artist Grace Lee applied a short stripe (about half an inch) of blue eyeliner in the middle of models’ lower lash lines for a bold, but not at all overwhelming, pop of colour that was fresh and modern in a way we never imagined blue liner could be.

For a bolder look, the arctic-inspired Mackage Fall 2015 show (right) featured models sporting thick colour-blocked liner in blue and black (white and gold?) that extended straight from the inner corners of each eye right across to the end of the models’ brows for a clean, graphic look.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but someone pass the blue eyeliner. We’re officially converts.

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