Olympic beauty secrets: Healthy hair tips from Clara Hughes’ Calgary-based stylist

Photography by Malina Corpadean
Photography by Malina Corpadean

Canadian fan favourite Clara Hughes used grit to secure six Olympic medals (in speed skating and cycling) throughout her career, but what about her auburn hair? Why, that came directly from her grandmother. While Hughes swears by Kérastase hair products (“I have great hair but without good products, my hair is not so great!”), she’s not above flying Calgary stylist Brianna Hallet of SwizzleSticks Salon out to do an emergency touch-up for a speaking engagement in, say, Vancouver. Devotion indeed. We asked Hallet what it takes to do Olympic-style hair.

What do you do to keep Clara Hughes’ hair looking its best?
I introduced [Clara’s] hair to a gloss treatment many years ago and it has been highly beneficial for her. Clara’s hair type is very thick and a little bit coarse. What the gloss achieves is the smoothing of the cuticles, so that they all face the same direction. Also, it brings out the natural colour and what you end up with is beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. And because it is essentially a “colourless colour” the effects last a long time. Every hair type can benefit from gloss. All women lust after the shiny, glossy, freshly coloured look, and the easiest way to achieve that is gloss.

Any other pearls of healthy hair wisdom?
Get trims often, and shield the hair from heat styling with protecting products. And do not overwash hair—water is enemy number one to hair, as it depletes the hair’s moisture, and there are great dry shampoos out there now to save us from shampooing.

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