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Sofia Richie’s Manicurist Detailed Exactly How She Created Her Wedding Nails

Including the polishes and products used to make it all happen.

As the internet continues to be enamoured with Sofia Richie‘s wedding, new details are emerging daily about the luxurious, South of France-situated soirée. And since FASHION detailed all the products used to create Richie’s bridal glam earlier this week, there’s been an update on the beauty front regarding the bride’s wedding day nails. Thanks to a TikTok posted by Richie’s nuptial nail artiste, we’ve got the low-down on how to recreate the Sofia Richie wedding nails and all the products you’ll need to do so.

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While celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff was behind Richie’s timeless glam and hairstylist to the stars Kathleen Hair was responsible for her bridal bun, London-based manicurist Georgia Rae was the talented manicurist on nail duty. As a self-titled “minimal nail artist,” Rae’s expertise lent itself fittingly to Richie’s soft glamour wedding aesthetic.


This week, everyone from wedding guests to members of Richie’s glam squad have offered up a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the happenings of the Richie Grainge wedding, by way of elaborate beauty breakdowns and entertaining GRWM segments on TikTok. Posting the details of Richie’s rehearsal dinner and nuptial nails on the app, Rae is the latest to reveal her creative process — following other key wedding players like Dubroff and celebrity tan artist Isabel Alysa.

For both events, Rae prepped Richie’s nails using Navy Professional tools to create a clean, flawless base for the polishes to come. She then opted for a soft square shape (which she shares is Richie’s signature) to match the elegant mood of the wedding weekend. For the bride’s rehearsal dinner nails, Rae used a single coat of OPI’s beloved Funny Bunny polish to create a milky white manicure. “I decided to do one coat because it kind of allowed Sofia’s natural skin tone to come through and almost created a custom shade for her — which I loved,” shares Rae in her TikTok post. As for the big day, two coats of Bio Sculpture’s Sweet Candy Breath polish brought Richie’s official wedding manicure together for a look that whispers “quiet luxury gone bridal.”


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To ensure that Richie’s hands were moisturized throughout the weekend (because, let’s be real, all eyes were on her and her ring), Rae sealed in each manicure with Chanel skincare for an extra layer of nourishment that wouldn’t leave behind an oily or greasy finish. I mean, what could be more luxurious than topping off your wedding mani with a little Chanel?

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