The M.A.C x Cinderella collection is the stuff pretty, pearlescent dreams are made of

During the middle of winter, it can be tempting to slather on a matte foundation and a dark lip every single day, because that’s what we’re used to doing when the weather is uh, less than ideal. But the M.A.C Cinderella collection is here to remind us that a great way to get over the winter blues is by loading up on, what else, pretty, shimmery things.

From stunning eye glosses to soft pink and nude lip shades, this is one collection that calls for lots of shimmer, sparkle and frost. Thankfully, dewy, highlighted skin is the look du jour, so don’t be shy when loading up on these products. Your Cupid’s bow will thank you.

Browse M.A.C’s Cinderella collection below. All products will be available online on February 26th and in stores on March 5th.