5 Annoying Things About Lip Gloss (And How to Fix Each One)

There’s a time and a place for all the fun things in life. And that includes lip gloss. It’s that certain sweet spot where the right event, circumstances and, well, weather come together to bring the perfect opportunity for you to sport a glossy pout. But when the timing’s wrong? It’s seriously wrong. Ever applied lip gloss prior to a windy commute? We bet you either wiped it off before making it to the office, or spent the day with sticky, pink-streaked strands. Or what about wearing it on a dinner date? Not only can it diminish the whole effortless shtick you’re trying to pull off, but what happens if your date insists you try his crumbly app? Then what, flaky lips?

So fine, your aversion to lip gloss is justified (sort of). But what a shame to deprive your lips of their time to shine, due to a few slightly awkward scenarios that can easily be controlled. In fact, there are all sorts of glosses currently on the market that have been designed to address all of the annoying problems you face when wearing the stuff. Whether you find lip gloss to be too drying, high-maintenance, whatever, we’re here to solve all of your frustrations, thanks to a few standout options that make lip gloss a total pièce de résistance.

Browse the gallery below for 5 easy fixes for your lip gloss woes.