Editor obsessed: Dermalogica’s Powerfoliant clears skin of essentially everything!

Photography by Amanda Elliott

It’s that time again, when the words “smog,” “heat wave” and “humidity” enter our vernacular, and our poor little pores suffocate under the blanket of sunscreen, street dust and the ever-present perspiration moustache. Don’t you just want to blast it all away at the end of the day? Dermalogica’s Powerfoliant ($85, dermalogica.ca) is satisfyingly merciless, and though it’s part of the Chroma White range (who really wants to whiten?) it’s just a serious exfoliator that combines vitamin C, salicylic acid and fruit acids, plus a bunch of other brightening ingredients. It’s also pleasingly science-y—the box contains two vials of exfoliator, and you have to pop down the cap to release the powder into the liquid, which—SHAZAM!—activates the lot of it until it self-destructs in four weeks. There’s also a dropper attachment so you don’t use too much of the precious (and I do mean precious) stuff. You’ll be rationing it obsessively for fear of running out; I certainly am.

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