What’s in your bag, Mary Katrantzou?

I always wear Chanel compact powder because it’s got good coverage, so that’s what I’ve used for years. The Chanel lipstick is to go with the Chanel powder! It’s quite a discreet colour. I never really do strong lipstick.

I usually carry a black wallet, but I always forgot them in the back of the taxi, because the black-on-black got lost, so I thought okay, I’m going to go for blue. Which isn’t a big departure from black, but at least I can see it if I leave it. It’s Miu Miu and really jam-packed. It has a lot of different currencies because of travelling.

The extra currency didn’t fit in my Miu Miu wallet, so you always find a euro-million [bills and coins] collecting situation in my bag

This was the mascara of one of the girls from The Room. She gave me her mascara because I didn’t have mine here.

We always work with M.A.C for all our shows. I just found out they’re Canadian today, and I was like, I didn’t know that about M.A.C. And I heard The Bay was the first to actually support M.A.C at the beginning in terms of their positioning. So, I was very excited about that.