What’s in your bag, Emily Weiss?

Into The Gloss Emily Weiss in her purse
Into The Gloss Emily Weiss in her purse
Photography by Stephanie J. Algieri

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While there’s no official statistic, we feel pretty confident in stating that readers of Into The Gloss are more likely to spend an extra 10 minutes rearranging their makeup collection after applying it each morning. It’s simply impossible to read one of the site’s signature Top Shelf profiles without taking a moment to reconsider both your own catalogue of beauty products and how they’re displayed—and we have Emily Weiss to thank for that. Since launching Into The Gloss in 2010, Emily has changed the beauty blogging game.

Much of the content on Into The Gloss is about the hair, skincare and makeup habits of everyday (albeit high profile) people. It’s clear Emily Weiss knows the power of personal testimonials—hearing about the effectiveness of a new serum or unusual makeup remover sounds much more appealing when coming from the mouth of a stylish insider. Of course, the sleek design, backstage tips and tricks, effortless-looking makeup shoots and Instagram-worthy images on Into The Gloss posts also help with the appeal.

As for Emily Weiss herself, we had a chance to meet up with her last month when she was in Toronto to host Holt Renfrew’s Powder Puff Beauty Party. And in lieu of being able to explore the beauty products in Emily’s bathroom we decided to take a look inside her Wendy Nichol bucket bag—which still contained enough beauty products to keep us satisfied. Ready to explore? Read on!