What’s in your bag, Love It or List It’s Hilary Farr?

Whats in your bag Hilary Farr
Whats in your bag Hilary Farr
Photography by Stephanie J. Algieri

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From Hillary Clinton to décor diehards to the editors of this very website, designer Hilary Farr has amassed quite a few fans, to say the least. As one half of the W Network’s hit television show Love It Or List It, Farr has become beloved just as much for her design skills as she is for her saucy repartee with co-host and real estate agent David Visentin, whom she competes against each episode. The show’s premise has Farr attempting to fix house problems and keep Canadian families in their existing homes, whereas Visentin attempts to lure them away to a new space. Love it or list it—get it? 

Aside from her starring role on the show, Farr is a busy designer IRL; having worked with over 200 clients in the past 15 years, at her company Hilary Farr Design. Those who’ve seen the show know what kind of design drama (Mysterious beams! Attic discoveries! Unhappy homeowners!) can ensue, and love Farr all the more for dealing with it. So, how exactly does she do it? We took a peek inside her bag to see what kind of ammo she carries with her everyday. We got to visit her home for the photo shoot and we can attest: we really love it.