What’s in your bag, Gregory Gorgeous?

Gregory Gorgeous The Avenue inside his purse
Photography by Nicole Stafford

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If you’re active in the online beauty world, you definitely know Gregory Gorgeous. His YouTube channel—which features everything from makeup tutorials to discussions about LGBT rights—has an impressive following (44 million video views? No big deal.) and now that the second season of his reality show, The Avenue, has started, he’s certainly on the brink of becoming a household name. Based in Toronto, The Avenue follows Gregory Gorgeous and his equally gorgeous friends as they try to make it in the city—think of it as our version of The Hills. So how does a reality TV and makeup tutorial star stay fabulous all day long? We jumped at the chance to explore Gregory’s Balenciaga Classique bag. Inside we uncovered multiple pairs of sunglasses (Gucci! Celine!), loads of M.A.C lipsticks and glosses, his favourite perfume and a host of other curious things. We don’t use this word often, but if anyone deserves the title of fierce, it’s Gregory Gorgeous.