They said/We said: What “Gungate” may or may not have done for Pippa Middleton’s lily-white reputation

By now, you must know that Pippa Middleton was in Paris this weekend. And her friend was pointing a gun at some paparazzi.

“Gungate,” as it is now known, blew up over the past few days with people wondering: Was the gun real? Will Pippa go to jail? Is Queen Kate mad? Will the royal sister be plucked from the front row at Temperley and thrust into Balenciaga’s Fall 2012 spy-themed collection ads? And what about Isabel Marant’s cowboy collection?

Before you get your knickers in a knot, apparently Jr. Middleton was not impressed with the violent act—at least, according to a rather gentlemanly public apology from Pippa’s carmate Viscount Arthur de Soultrait who said, “Obviously Philippa had no idea that he was going to do that and told him to stop immediately…She did not find it funny.”

Luckily for The Royal Family and Pippa, the scandal has slowly fizzled into nothing but a small pile of inert gunpowder. For starters, it’s since been discovered the gun was, in fact, a toy (though why any grown man would be carrying one of those around anyway is completely beyond us). It also appears no one has actually complained to the French police about the incident, so Pippa is not likely to face any criminal charges. Phew.

While she may not have committed a real crime this weekend, she most definitely committed a fashion one. The royal sister-in-law was in Paris for the 1700s-themed birthday party of the aforementioned Viscount and wore an unforgiveable fucshia, bow-covered, corset thing (there is no better word) atop cropped lace leggings that had some questioning her status as a fashion icon. This apparently paled in comparison to the other partygoers who, according to E! Online, wore “dog collars, chastity belts and surround[ed] themselves with dwarves.”


Styleite: “Uh, bad call, people.” [Styleite]

E! Online: “Pippa Middleton royally screwed up.” [E! Online]

Fashionista: “We really hope that Pippa didn’t know about or support this stupid stunt. It also highlights how out-of-hand the paparazzi is getting.” [Fashionista]


Randi Bergman, online editor: “Where is Aerosmith when you need them? Pippa’s got a gun… Runnnnn away. Runnnn away!”