They said/We said: We (almost) shed tears for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony while pondering the future of their line at Kohl’s

Photography by Kevin Winter/American Idol 2011/Getty Images

After seven years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced on Friday that they were getting a divorce. The split came as a bit of a surprise: Lopez, Anthony and their three-year-old twins seemed to be the definition of a happy and meant-to-be family. For celeb fashion enthusiasts though, the end of the marriage brought up another concern: What would happen to the couple’s upcoming joint line for Kohl’s? After all, it isn’t everyday that a celebrity power couple collaborates on fashion for the masses.

Well, those who were anxiously awaiting the chance to make the cross-border trek can breathe a sigh of relief. The line will still go on despite the couple’s personal issues. In fact, Lopez and Anthony reportedly signed separate contracts with the retailer back in November when the project was announced (perhaps the relationship was on the rocks back then). All speculation aside, this means that when the lines hit Kohl’s stores, guys can pick up menswear by Anthony and ladies can get their hands on womenswear by Lopez. We’re just hoping she backs off of the python.


Kohl’s: “The Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony brands have always been positioned as two separate, distinctive collections that offer high-quality contemporary style for men and women, and we look forward to a successful September launch.” [Fashionista]

Charlotte Cowles, The Cut: “While it’s probably true that the Kohl’s line itself won’t be impacted (were you really expecting them to design it together themselves, anyway?), the marketing strategy will certainly take a hit.” [The Cut]

Ellie Krupnick, Huffington Post: “It’s a smart move for Lopez, who has always been better at selling “Jennifer Lopez”-branded products than staying married.” [Huffington Post]

Mindy Kaling: “I know you guys are all wondering – I’m just pretending the JLo-Marc Anthony thing isn’t happening. Too much. Too much.” [Twitter]


Rani Sheen, Features Editor: “This was an entirely public marriage, a painstakingly orchestrated PR campaign, so why wouldn’t it be an entirely public divorce as well? By the same logic, any upcoming business transactions (the Kohl’s line, the reality show) are utterly unaffected.”