They said/We said: Karl Lagerfeld to launch a new and affordable signature line in February

Karl Lagerfeld fans rejoice! The designer is introducing a more affordable line called Karl launching on Net-a-Porter in January and on his own site in February. The line, with pieces that will run from $85–$415, is described as “rock” and “street” and will feature lots of denim, leather, fingerless gloves, and silvery jeans, which isn’t a far stretch from Lagerfeld’s daily attire. If dressing like Lagerfeld isn’t enough for you, various items of clothing from the line will feature Lagerfeld’s silhouette, including the waistbands of underwear.

Lagerfeld will also introduce a higher end line, Karl Lagerfeld Paris, that will target Europe, Asia, and China, and only be available in select stores in North America. No word yet if this line will include underwear.


Karl Lagerfeld: “I just want not too expensive clothes that people may like and perhaps want to wear. That was my concept for a long time, but my business partners in the past wanted to be like Chanel or Fendi without putting behind what is needed to be like that.” [WWD]

Refinery29: “Karl’s personal lines haven’t always received the same acclaim as his work for established houses, but we think the designer’s got some more juice left in him.”  [Refinery29]

Fashionista: “Expect tons of accessories (which the company expects to account for half its revenues) and a new logo: Lagerfeld’s sunglasses-and-ponytail profile, embedded into the “K.” (Will it be the new interlocking C’s and herald the return to logo-mania? We wouldn’t be a bit surprised.)” [Fashionista]


Michael White, managing editor: “Lagerfeld’s rock and roll–inspired Karl label reportedly features “leather, denim and fingerless gloves,” which suggests his notion of rock and roll is Bon Jovi circa Slippery When Wet. And with regard to the logo being stitched into the waistband of his underwear, I’m not sure anyone relishes the idea of Lagerfeld’s head hovering near their genitals.”