They said/We said: Could Marc Jacobs really be the new guy at Dior?

Photography by Peter Stigter

Rumours surrounding who would take charge at Dior began almost immediately following John Galliano’s dismissal back in February. While former Galliano aid Bill Gaytten had stepped into the role of creative director during Paris Couture Week back in April, we’d assume a megawatter is what LVMH is seeking for the permanent position (especially after Gaytten’s poorly received collection). To date, Ricardo Tisci, Alber Elbaz, and Haider Ackermann have been named as a few of the possible contenders, and now the latest rumours circulating are that LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault wants Marc Jacobs for the job.

Because the company owns Louis Vuitton as well, Jacobs could potentially work both jobs. This seems unlikely, however, as Jacobs also has his signature and diffusion lines to worry about. Not to mention that he is a major design star already. Apparently, sources close to Arnault are saying that he’d rather Jacobs leave Vuitton for Dior in order to give the label a much-needed makeover. As for Jacobs himself: when asked earlier this year if he’d consider the job, he responded that he had yet to be asked.

Even if the claims don’t amount to anything, the thought of Marc Jacobs leaving Louis Vuitton has us tearing up. His transformation of the Vuitton brand has been impressive, to say the least. On the flipside though, Dior execs really need to get a move on finding the house a talent with a similarly strong vision. After a disastrous couture show, the brand really can’t afford much more bad press. In today’s world of fast fashion, a label’s significance can take a huge hit in the span of a season. A powerhouse like Dior is no exception.


Perez Hilton: “After nearly 15 years at Louis V, maybe a change would be good for Marc.” [Coco Perez]

Grazia: “Sounds like a hell of a lot of work to us, and considering the fact that over-work was cited as a cause for John Galliano’s demise, it might not be the wisest step for Jacobs, who already oversees three labels.” [Grazia]

StyleCaster: “I think the issue here is that we need to expand the talent pool because there are only so many Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfelds in the world who can pull their weight at as many as three serious brands. I think Marc could do a sick job at Dior, but I can’t imagine why he’d want to unless he quits something else to make some room.” [StyleCaster]


Sarah Casselman, senior fashion news editor: “If these rumours ring true, Jacobs will need to choose between Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. (Oh, MJ, to be on top of the fashion world with nary a scandal in sight!)”