They said/We said: And the CFDA Fashion Icon Award goes to… Johnny Depp?

Photography by Nicolas Genin/Flickr

Looks like all those years of fedoras and pirate hats have finally paid off for Johnny Depp, who was announced last night as the winner of the CFDA’s Fashion Icon Award. Depp is the first man to win the award, which will be presented in June.

While the actor’s style has always been questionable entertaining, he seems a bit of a peculiar choice compared to the more obvious past winners like Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Iman and Kate Moss. We do love Depp’s penchant for headwear (and oh how trendy it is this season, ahem, Marc Jacobs), but has he ever made a mary-jane Manolo fly off the shelves? We didn’t think so.

As for the serious fashion nods, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen received a much-deserved nomination for The Row as Womenswear Designer of the Year. Of course, the twin designers face some serious competition with Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler both vying for the same award. While the rest of the list of nominees and honorees makes sense, we’ve got to ask: Is it Johnny’s sex appeal that helped him make the cut?


The Cut: “And the Fashion Icon award, which will go to Johnny Depp, yes that Johnny Depp. He’s the first guy to ever receive the honor, and who is more deserving?” [The Cut]

Glamour: “This year the nominating committee (full disclosure, I’m a member of it) decided Depp, the only man in the world who can pull of a denim manicure like it ain’t no thing, was deserving.” [Glamour]


Randi Bergman, online editor: “What I want to know is why, after all these years of unfailing hotness, did they finally decide to award his looks now that his skin has once and for all started to show his leathery age? He best be dressing up as Cry Baby for the occasion.”