Swim Guide 2012: We’ve got 25 swimsuit picks and 2 guides on how to wear ‘em!

Swim Guide 2012
Swim Guide 2012

We’re prepping you for beach season with 25 swimsuits picks, two foolproof guides on how to wear ‘em as well as a healthy guide to the best faux glows out there. Get ready to dive in!

The list
The list:
Take a dive with our
top 25 swimsuit picks
for summer

Hope Floats
Does shopping for
a swimsuit trigger a tidal
wave of self-doubt?
Here are 7 tips to guide
you to shore

Shore Thing
The ultimate swimwear
how-to buy guide:
We grilled four swimwear
experts for intel on finding
the perfect suit

Age-defying icons
Not all faux glows are
created equal. Here’s our self
tanning how-to guide to get
you through summer
the healthy way