Marc Jacobs turns vandalism into profits, again! Kidult’s $686 graffiti attack becomes a limited edition T-shirt

Marc Jacobs Kidult Graffiti Paris
Marc Jacobs Kidult Graffiti Paris
Photography Courtesy of Twitter/therealkidult

If you’re going to mess with Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs is going to mess with you. Or that’s the message we’re getting from the designer’s latest move in his ongoing tiff with graffiti artist Kidult. Let’s rewind to a widely publicized incident in May of last year, where Kidult tagged Jacobs’ SoHo store with the world “ART”—in a fierce shade of Schiaparelli pink, we might add. Always thinking on his toes, Jacobs reacted to the situation by releasing an image of the tag on a T-shirt with the slogan “Art by Art Jacobs,” which retailed for a staggering $686. Kidult, whose other famed tags include “KID” on Supreme’s NYC flagship store, recently revealed his next move: a larger than life neon-green “686” sprayed on the front of Marc Jacobs’ Paris store. Kidult took to Twitter to confirm his responsibility for the act: “680? 689?…686?! How much are you going to sell this for?”

Jacobs, whose new makeup line could perhaps benefit from some bold Kidult colour inspo, is responding to the situation with another cheeky T-shirt featuring Kidult’s latest vandalism spread. The shirt is retailing for—you guessed it—$686. In a continued attempt to make light of the situation, Marc Jacobs Intl tweeted a photo of the MJ team wearing the T-shirts with the caption: “Celebrating @therealkidult in Paris tonight. Our hats off to you.” The social media raid continued, with Jacobs taking to his Facebook page to post an album of photos of the graffitied scene outside his Paris store, which he very appropriately titled “Marc Jacobs x Kidult Installation.” Among the photos in the album was an image of the freshly-painted neon-green Marc Jacobs logo, captioned: “We proudly support the arts.” Another image in the album shows male models in front of the store with the caption “Thanks to Kidult for the lovely scenery!”

Any guesses on which city will get a graffiti hit next? Or is this just the groundwork for an official Marc Jacobs x Kidult collab? We’re keeping our eyes on this one.