Whats in your bag Leah Miller

Whats in your bag Leah Miller

Goyard iPad case, wallet and passport case.

I can’t go anywhere without my wallet. It is so big, but it is so stuffed that I had to buy a change purse because it is already too heavy.

When you travel you need your passport. I have worked in this business for like 8 years and there was one work trip where I forgot my passport at home. My poor mother had already dropped me off at the airport and she had to go get my passport and bring it back to me. I made my flight luckily, but it was so stressful. My husband bought me a big Goyard travel bag to match my wallet and it is great because this little bag comes in it. So I took it out and use it as my passport cover.

I’m always travelling to LA and I find the flight so long. Thank goodness for iTunes because I will watch a whole season of a show on the flight. That’s what I do when I travel now.

And my Gucci hedgehog change purse…I park on Queen Street in Toronto a lot when I go to work so I need change. I always use my credit or debit cards so this is the only form of money I ever have on me.