Whats in your bag Leah Miller

Whats in your bag Leah Miller

I got this Balenciaga makeup case in LA recently and it’s great because it is a proper makeup bag. If you spill anything it’s waterproof.

I am obsessed with this Laura Mercier Matte Translucent Powder. It’s just for shine. I love it because it doesn’t look like makeup. Basically it’s translucent, I don’t like wearing powder, but I don’t like being too shiny. So this is great because I don’t like looking like I have too much makeup on.

When I fly and just in general when I travel, I am obsessed with Kellett products. It is my dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett. She has this great line of products and I have very sensitive skin. When you are on long flights your skin gets really dry so I am constantly moisturizing. You can moisturize with this and you won’t breakout because it’s not too oily or greasy.

Diorshow Mascara–Obsessed. It is the Iconic one. Diorshow Iconic.

I keep saying obsessed, but obsessed with Cover FX. It’s a Canadian product. This is the Total Coverage Crème Foundation. I use it as cover-up for little red spots or under-eye circles. It is so good it just blends into your skin and it doesn’t look like you are wearing makeup.

Vaseline Lip Therapy tub is is the best thing ever. Vaseline just started making these mini lip therapy things. It is cocoa butter and I love it. It is great cause when I fly, like I said, I need moisturizer on my face and Vaseline on my lips.

This is just a Nars stick that I love. It’s called “Skorpios” and it is just a really nice bronze colour. When I wear makeup I like it to look natural so it’s a really good shade.

Armani makes lipstick and they are so great. They are very nude and see-through and natural. I guess I keep saying natural because I don’t ever like to have too, too much on.

Kat Von D lipsticks are sold at Sephora. She has her own line of makeup and her lipsticks are so great. I have a lot of reds from her, but this is a really great neutral. It’s called Celebutard… which is funny. Great neutral, pink, nude colour.

Dior eyeline –I wear a lot of Dior products and this is a really great eyeliner. It’s waterproof.

This is a Nars Lipstick in Barbarella. Again, a great see-through coral colour that I like.