Frank + Oak x NBA Collection

Basketball is the New Buzzword: NBA Gear for Fashion Fans

Athleisure has been the buzz word du jour, but it might soon be replaced by basketball. Yes, basketball. A couple of Canadian fashion brands have clued in that fans are after more than just a jersey or a ball cap and are creating cool collections aimed at the fashionable sports fantatic.

Calgarian Greg Chait is behind the brand The Elder Statesman, which recently launched The Elder Statesman x NBA, 12 styles of team logo gear that includes sweaters, scarves, hats and t-shirts and come in luxurious fabrics like cashmere and silk. They also have the baller price tags to match (the Toronto Raptors cashmere hoodie costs a cool $1,200).

Also hopping on the b-ball bandwagon is Montreal-based Frank + Oak. Their 9-piece NBA collaboration goes on sale this Friday, December 9. Look out for the buttery leather backpack, the tailored white oxford and the button-up jersey done in a heather-grey waffle. The logos are subtle (small crests and tone-on-tone colour palettes) so you can wear your gear beyond the game.

Check out the Frank + Oak collection below that’s a total slam dunk.