Bag Milly Michelle Smith

I love [my Milly tote] it because I use it for the city and I use it for the beach. It takes me everywhere and it’s clear so it has the clear trend going on. It’s lined in plastic so nothing falls out. My sketches are in there too. I was working on them on the airplane.

I love clutch bags. I’m really into a big clutch. I have my own handbag collection right now, so I’m just carrying my own designs. Normally I have a clutch that I keep in my tote, so if I have to go out after work, I can just leave my tote in the office and go out with my clutch.

This is my iPad, there’s a picture of my kids there—6 and 3—and Milly iPad cover. I love the holographic trend.

Gold glitter notebook: Love to jot things down in my notebook wherever I go.

iPhone: I just changed my phone over so I don’t have a case on it yet. Favourite app? I love Instagram (@MillybyMichelle). I’m addicted.

I love science. I’m a nerd. Love the Science Times. My son is so little but he’s so into science and astronomy. Last night we were flying home and there is an unusual thing going on where three planets are visible at sunset in a triangle shape. It’s Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury. And he was pointing out the airplane window talking about it. Yeah he loves it.