TFW diary: A cavalcade of Canadian models and covetable ’60s-inspired styles at Joe Fresh

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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When it comes to fashion, I have two minds. I oscillate between editor mode (carefully scrutinizing trends, fabrics, cuts, and colour) and shopping autopilot (dreaming up outfits, making must-have lists, and slowly building my dream closet). Last night’s Joe Fresh show threw me for a loop. While I was technically there for work, I couldn’t pry myself away from my material side. Not only did the presentation of the show blow me away—Joe flew in the who’s who of Canadian models as well as used some of the beauties who’ve been in town for the week including Alana Zimmer, Kate King, Heather Marks, Herieth Paul, Kristin Owen, Liisa Winkler, Tara Gill, Yasmin Warsame, Kori Richardson, and Amanda Laine—but the clothes have never looked so… expensive (a coup for a mass-retail brand). Perfectly fitting tight jersey tees, pointed loafer pumps, and a printed ankle pant all got the green light in my mental notes. The clever combination of clean ‘60s minimalism (the show opened with a Mondrian-esque shift dress) with sportwear-detailed separates (neoprene, parachute fabrics, and drawstring details were everywhere) ensured the show didn’t feel one-noted. While they certainly won’t alienate their core grocery-store customer, Joe certainly upped the ante for the fashion followers who will be anxiously awaiting the runway styles come spring.