Milan Fashion Week: Leave it to Prada Fall 2013 to make the walk of shame look appealing

Prada Fall 2013
Photography courtesy of Prada

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On the day of a Prada show, little else seems to matter. The hours before Prada are spent anticipating what Miuccia will show. The hours after are spent ruminating on it. After shivering outside for half an hour we were finally allowed in to find a pyramid of benches surrounded by the runway. Shadowy fans, women, trees, and a cat were projected on the walls. When the music started, the fans began twirling, the cat prowled. It gave a cinematic quality to the experience, which was only enhanced by the clothes. There were full, belted coats in gingham checks and stiff leathers in turquoise and red. A single godet over one leg gave an asymmetrical bent to tweeds, and even became a bit schizoid if done in a contrasting sequined cloth. Striped dresses slipping off of boyish sweaters seemed just right for tripping home after a night on the town (check out the Walk of Shame Look here). And those giant tucked cuffs in fabric or fur will go down as the memorable signature of this Prada collection. The runway lineup included FASHION vets Liisa Winkler, Jessica Stam and Kirsten Owen, who models in FASHION’s March issue. It was great to see Miuccia deviate from her usual teenage waifs.