Line Knitwear Fall 2013: Cozy textures get an update with metallic overprints and an abundance of turtleneck collars

Line Knitwear Fall 2013
Line Knitwear Fall 2013
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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Fall 2013, as envisioned by the thick knits and layers and layers of texture from Line Knitwear, is going to be a cozy, sleek season. Line may be known for loose cardigans and shawl-style sweaters, but it was the structured toppers, slender leather pieces and patterned knits that really made the Fall 2013 collection stand out. Additionally, an abundance of bare legs confirmed that the long sweater and circle skirt silhouette is the look to follow this fall.

Inspired by “the idea of a gilded urban city,” the collection was heavy on black and rich shades of charcoal, green and plum—but highlighted with touches of gold and silver shimmer. An impressive black crocheted sweater was styled overtop a sheer gold blouse with an asymmetrical hem that left a holographic trail behind as the model walked down the runway. Metallic splashes on one sweater looked so accurately placed it was easy to mistake the gold overprint for actual woven fibres, while oversized sequins on a black turtleneck looked positively mermaid-ish. Skinny gold belts added a metallic touch to cream coloured knits, while also making chunky sweaters and jackets look much more svelte. And when pants did make an appearance, they too were embellished with texture and hits of gold or silver.

Turtlenecks, high collars and snoods were also a huge part of the Fall 2013 collection. Hair was left tucked into all collars, giving the illusion of a bob from front-on. (If you ever pulled on a tight turtleneck sweater as a child you know this look well.) One heather grey sweater, so perfectly flecked with ivory and black, was made even better with the addition of a zipper all the way down the back and a white leather collar up top. Even collars got the metallic treatment, offering a burst of gold to almost all-black ensembles. Needless to say, Line Knitwear has once again made us eager for a season that we usually aren’t anticipating when warmer weather seems so close.