Joe Fresh Fall 2013: 48 tough-girl looks that brought ’90s-era Paris to Toronto Fashion Week

Joe Fresh Fall 2013
Joe Fresh Fall 2013
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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Punk, Paris and affordable price points: Hello, Joe Fresh Fall 2013. For the first time in as long as we can remember, the label’s signature bright hues were kicked to the curb in favour of an almost all black collection of highly trendy, ultra tough clothes inspired by the French captial during the early 1990s. “That chic French girl whose style was so effortless and cool. The early days of street style” said creative director Joe Mimran of the collection. Dressed in all black himself backstage, he waxed poetic about Fall 2013’s many artistic inspirations, which included the text work of artist Ed Rushcha (it made for two epically lettered sweaters that closed the show) and the words of Malcolm McLaren, which very literally set the show’s impetus with the lyrics “I wore black, you were black, Jazz is Paris and Paris is jazz.”

But lets get back to the wares, shall we? Joe Fresh is known for always hitting the trend nail right on its relevant head, and the Fall 2013 collection is no exception. Continuing with the edgy nineties mania that’s carried through so many lineups this spring and fall, Joe Fresh updated tough girl favourites including the motocross jacket, which appeared in a palate-cleansing white, the studded pant, which appeared on faux-leather, denim and wowza velvet, and the laser cut, which breathed new life to the classic slim pant. And while some pieces, like a white faux-leather jacket completely covered in studs, left us wondering if they were too luxe to ever reach the selling floor, others, like a skull and cross bones T-shirt, left us wondering if too much of the selling floor was brought onto the runway. Let’s call it even, though, because how can you not love this punim?