Hayley Elsaesser Fall 2015: See the Aussie-based designer’s latest collection of ultra-cool prints

Hayley Elsaesser Fall 2015

Aussie-based Hayley Elsaesser debuted her second World Mater Card Fashion Week show last night in Toronto, illuminating the runway with her Midnight Cowboy-inspired prints. Backstage, Elsaesser described the collection’s theme as Western meets samurai meets disco—somehow, it all worked.

While prints continue to be Elsaesser’s focus (and how could they not be for the woman who invented an eight ball wearing a cowboy hat!), she experimented with intarsia knit for the first time, resulting an ultra-cool and colourful camo sweater. With an emerging worldwide cliental varying in size, shape and age, Elsaesser cast the show with a mix of models, street kids and friends. Adding some extra street style steez, Toronto-based stylist Romany Williams mismatched the pieces alongside neon hair extensions and pop art nails.

It’s safe to say Elsaesser’s quirky follow up to last year’s FASHION Magazine Award-winning collection is street style snap-worthy for sure. It’s most certainly coming to a Beckerman near you.