Up close and personal with Anna Wintour (kinda): The 5 best nuggets from her talk at the Apple store in Soho

Anna Wintour Apple Store Soho
Anna Wintour Apple Store Soho
Photography via FashionCanada/Instagram

It’s that time of year again: the fashion crowd has descended on New York City to kick off yet another manic month of fashion shows, street style snaps and hoofing it all over town in heels. Adding fuel to the fashion week frenzy this year is Apple’s “Fashion In Conversation” series of talks with a lineup of industry insiders so impressive, conflicting shows may want to double check those RSVPs. Kicking off the series last night was none other than Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who sat down with host Kinvara Balfour to talk about her career, Lena Dunham as cover girl and favourite designers (sort of). If you couldn’t make it out to the event, you’re in luck—the video will be posted to iTunes at some point, but for the impatient, here are our favourite moments from Anna’s talk.

1. Before she hit the stage, we made mental bets on what Anna would be wearing—would she be wearing one of Chanel’s artsy tweeds? Or Dior’s stripey sheath dress? One of Prada’s colourful embellished looks? Answer: Celine’s painterly tunic and pleated skirt combo.

2. The event kicked off the same way we’ve been kicking off our mornings for the past three weeks, a.k.a. with Vogue’s hilarious viral video featuring Lena Dunham learning how to pose from Hamish Bowles. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now. Afterwards, Balfour joked that she would trust anyone in a white bow tie for fashion advice (referring to Hamish’s dashing attire) to which Anna quipped, “That’s just his morning look. You should see what he puts on at night!”

3. Anna dished on some of her favourite Vogue covers, including her very first as editor of Vogue in November 1988. Featuring model Michaela Bercu in an haute couture Christian Lacroix jacket and stonewashed Guess jeans, the easy casual vibe was a departure from the elegant close-ups Vogue was known for at the time. The image was met with its fair share of controversy (even her printers called to ask if it was a mistake!) and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

4. Audience questions can leave some to be desired. One girl asked “Who is your favourite designer?” to which Anna responded cooly, “I have many.” Next! (We seriously doubt this portion of the Q&A will make it into the iTunes video.)

5. Another audience question, wherein a woman asked what classic pieces Anna sees coming back year after year. “A great pair of jeans,” she replied, gesturing toward the November 1988 Vogue cover still up on the screen. “Guess rules!” Aaaand now we can’t stop picturing Anna wearing 80s stonewashed Guess jeans. Amazing.